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We empower people from all financial backgrounds to understand their net worth and plan for a better future.

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Our Story

Often due to social taboos, we do not discuss finances or the possessions that we spend our lives accumulating, unfortunately this has lead to a myriad of poor methodologies for "organising and measuring" financial stability and net worth.

Through extensive trial and error Tom has built businesses, property groups, large collections and extensive financial investments, but as challenging as those are, organising and keeping track of what has been built or accumulated has proven equally as hard.

To find a solution we explored countless options and in the process recognised that this wasn't only an issue for Tom, but for all of us, regardless of considerable differences in personal circumstances.

We all had our different ways of trying to keep track of assets (i.e budgets, apps, platfroms, spreadsheets, hard copies etc.) but we were all failing.

Rather than admit defeat, we set about designing and building a solution that would satisfy Tom's needs - MyAssets

....and, at the same time, we decided to build it so that it was accessible and flexibile enough to provide instant value for everyone else (the rest of us!)


We Have Plans to Empower the World

MyAssets is a transformational solution that allows an individual to clearly understand their net worth and financial position, providing the best possible opportunity to plan and build for the future.

Our Values

Good things take long. MyAssets has all the time in the world to be…
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A market leading platform at the cutting edge of technology.
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We value your privacy as much as you do. Protecting your information and data with the most stringent safeguards.
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The only genuinely comprehensive platform to track and manage all of your assets allowing you to plan for your future.

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